Services and materials

Most of my lectures, courses, and books are in Swedish.

Here are the services and materials that I do offer in English.

My new 2021 Brain Health book Save Your Brain Now is available on Amazon in August 2021.

Facebook Mini Group courses are a series of intensive, short evening group meetings focusing on increasing your long-term resilience in different key areas of health—all to make you more bulletproof/resistant to health decay, symptoms, and illnesses. We do not diagnose diseases or treat diseases but increase the potential of your inner healer to self-correct, to find and strengthen core health.

See the following dates and sign-ups for mini-groups. More details are on each course below. Courses are offered in the summer and fall of 2021.

Facebook Mini-Group course on Immune Resilience sign up

Facebook Mini-Group course on Health Resilience sign up

Facebook Mini-Group course on Cognitive Resilience sign up

Group consultation intensives. Following a minicourse, members of that course are offered the possibility of more personalized evaluations and strategies that can lead to great resilience, health, and quality of life. More information is presented towards the end of each mini-group course.

Services and Materials from Peter Wilhelmsson