I’m a passionate author and have authored or co-authored 15 books and over 100-course manuals through the years.

My most comprehensive book, “Näringsmedicinska Uppslagsboken”, is an 833-page encyclopedia of nutritional medicine, the most comprehensive encyclopedia of nutritional medicine in Scandinavia.

My two most recent books are “Snabbare, Starkare, Friskare” (Faster, Stronger, Healthier, 2016) is a 600-page book on integrative sports nutrition.

The second book, “Rädda Din Hjärna Nu”, 2019) ( is a 470-page book on brain health, co-written with Dr. Hayde Bolouri, Ph.D., (

Available in Swedish in May 2021 and in English in August 2021.

Save Your Brain Now is the only book in English that I have available.

It is my newest book and focuses both on how to prevent loss of cognition and memory, in addition to how to improve it using practical, proven strategies from lifestyle, nutritional and functional medicine.

Rädda Din Hjärna Nu